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    Friday, November 25, 2011
    Reality Distortion Field

    I've been half way through Steve Jobs' life, reading his bio actually. One thing that really caught my interest is his manipulative skill, termed as "reality distortion field". It's a power to manipulate people to do what he wants, sometimes seems impossible if thought logically. But that's brought Apple to what it is now, iDevices with alien technology, I would say.

    "1984 will not be 1984". Jobs believed that reality can be distorted. That year was when Apple introduced the Macintosh, the GUI based computer. The technology is way beyond its year. Jobs had pushed his team to come up with a product that people never thought of. Of course, Jobs being pricky, the team had worked to the edge and beyond to get it done. Jobs once asked a designer to create a floating staircase. The designer said it was impossible but using his reality distortion field, it was beautifully crafted. It's been a signature staircase in Apple Store worldwide.

    Now I'm trying to apply this skill in my daily job to get things done. Still learning the tricks but already seen the results in few occasions. It's useful when people give up in their task and you want to push them back and rise up the morale again. It's a type of coaching as well, to get people to think and find the work around.

    However, in the oil & gas operation, safety must prevail. No matter how you push people to get things done even beyond reality, we must not put safety behind. This somehow limits the power of reality distortion field.

    Bluedynno: Maybe bole bukak consultant company buat training for management on reality distortion field.

    blogged by Bluedynno @ 8:05 PM | 

    Wednesday, November 09, 2011

    Me 2011

    Ni pic aku in 2011, berisi tak? Pakai spec berharga RM10 beli kat pasar malam for readings. Tua dah but still young at heart, hehe... Pic taken at platform where I work. Maybe tinggal 2-3 trips je lagi to offshore sebab dapat instruction transfer ke ofis. Semalam dah chitchat ngan regional GM regarding possible post yang ada kat ofis. Aku cakap tak kesah dapat post mana pun janji jangan transfer ke KL sudah. Dia kata he won't transfer people to KL coz kat sini pun tak cukup orang. But who knows, this organization is full of surprises and we are expected to do anything. It's been 10 years plus already and still loyal..... I guess. Malangnye sekarang dah takde long service award for 10 years, paling awal pun 15 years. Entah2 by the time I reach 15 years diorang cancelkan pulak. Would I still be loyal? Time will tell...

    blogged by Bluedynno @ 8:35 AM | 

    Monday, November 07, 2011

    Bluedynno reactivated!

    Salam all,

    It's been a while since I last update this blog. A long while actually, since 2009. Since Facebook is around, this blog was left abandoned. Sorry to those who visited this space but found no update. My bad... Btw, I've found this Blogger+ for iPad which makes it easy for me to update my blog. I will try my best to post something regularly about me & anything around me that I found interesting. It may includes something about Apple products and jailbreak as that are the things that interest me at the moment. Keep on seeking this space guys...

    blogged by Bluedynno @ 11:33 PM | 

    Monday, February 23, 2009

    Puas hati!

    Leganya rasa PPA untuk diri sendiri and anak2 buah dah siap. Baru senang hati nak tengok movie yang dah banyak aku download tu. Tunggu next cycle plak.

    Posted by ShoZu

    blogged by Bluedynno @ 12:57 AM | 

    Sunday, February 08, 2009

    Kat Mesra Mall

    Saje bawak diorang pegi makan pizza sebelum aku pegi offshore esok. Next week besday Farra. Kek dah tempah, plan nak buat kat Secret Recipe. Buat kecik2 je janji buat.

    Posted by ShoZu

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    Thursday, February 05, 2009

    Farra kat Tadika

    Lama dah nak citer pasal ni tapi malas. Farra dah masuk Tadika Petronas. Seronok dia aku tengok. Siap pakai tudung. Dekat je ngan umah aku ni. So time aku off pagi2 aku kene hantar dia.

    Posted by ShoZu

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    Jalan2 Kuantan


    Posted by ShoZu

    blogged by Bluedynno @ 7:44 PM | 

    Wednesday, December 31, 2008

    Jaga kopitiam

    Hari ni aku pegi KT sebab esok nak hantar kereta pegi servis. Macam biasa aku akan jaga kedai. Bulan ni sales makin meningkat maybe sebab orang dah kenal and banyak return customer. Seronok tengok orang ramai datang walaupun penat. Harap2 bisnes makin rancak, insya Allah.

    Posted by ShoZu

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