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Friday, November 25, 2011
Reality Distortion Field

I've been half way through Steve Jobs' life, reading his bio actually. One thing that really caught my interest is his manipulative skill, termed as "reality distortion field". It's a power to manipulate people to do what he wants, sometimes seems impossible if thought logically. But that's brought Apple to what it is now, iDevices with alien technology, I would say.

"1984 will not be 1984". Jobs believed that reality can be distorted. That year was when Apple introduced the Macintosh, the GUI based computer. The technology is way beyond its year. Jobs had pushed his team to come up with a product that people never thought of. Of course, Jobs being pricky, the team had worked to the edge and beyond to get it done. Jobs once asked a designer to create a floating staircase. The designer said it was impossible but using his reality distortion field, it was beautifully crafted. It's been a signature staircase in Apple Store worldwide.

Now I'm trying to apply this skill in my daily job to get things done. Still learning the tricks but already seen the results in few occasions. It's useful when people give up in their task and you want to push them back and rise up the morale again. It's a type of coaching as well, to get people to think and find the work around.

However, in the oil & gas operation, safety must prevail. No matter how you push people to get things done even beyond reality, we must not put safety behind. This somehow limits the power of reality distortion field.

Bluedynno: Maybe bole bukak consultant company buat training for management on reality distortion field.

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