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Saturday, August 06, 2005
Kempen Kibar Jalur Gemilang
Sempena dengan bulan kemerdekaan ni, kerajaan telah menganjurkan kempen mengibarkan Jalur Gemilang. Aku pun nak ambil peluang kat sini untuk join kempen ni thru this blog. So kat atas tu aku dah letak banner untuk Kempen Jalur Gemilang ni. Kepada bloggers lain harap2 boleh buat sama. Kalau takde banner sendiri boleh guna banner aku tu, link dia
Yesterday's software demo was considered successful. I went to Meru, Klang with another colleague at about 1815 hrs & reached there about 1 hour later. It was the first time I go to Klang since I lived in KL. Damn far that place, fortunately the clinic faxed us the map so it's kind of easy to get there. The clinic's name is Klinik Puteri Anwar, non-related what so ever with Keadilan or Anwar Ibrahim. The presentation started at 2030 hrs just after the clinic opened for night business. The doctor was very kind to us, she was not on duty last night so she could spend time freely with us without interruption by patients. The problem with their current system now is they can't even log in to the system, means that they can't use it. The support is from Singapore so it is expensive. When I show my system, they kind of interested but they only want to use part of the modules. They also requested to have a custom medical report. This Monday I will submit the quotation, hope they'll agree with it. Thanx to Ariesha for the wish. Got home at about 2230 hrs last night, really tired, never had time to update this blog.
So, today I start programming the lite version of the software, removing the unwanted modules & programming the new medical report. Sleepy a bit & yawn several times but work must go on. For those out there who know any doctors that want to use a clinic management system please inform me ok.

Malam ni finale AF3. Sapa menang agaknya ek? Astro pandai betul tak tunjuk peratus undi so that orang akan hantar undi lagi banyak semata-mata nak pastikan pelajar kesayangan diorang menang. Undi buta! Macam2 spekulasi keluar, ada yang ingat Astro cuba singkirkan Mawi la, ada yang bagitau peratus Felix dah atas Mawi la, ada yang kata apesal nak sorok peratus undi, duit kita yang bayar. Tak tahu la aku sebab aku tak undi pun, tengok suka2 je takde la sampai fanatik camtu sekali. Tapi ok jugak, at least fight sket final kali ni, kalau tak nampak sangat Mawi akan menang. Macam yang aku dah cakap sebelum ni Astro memang pandai buat duit guna emosi orang ramai. Yang penting diorang mesti pastikan konsert malam ni best....
:: Bluedynno nak dengar Amylea nyanyi Sweet Child O' Mine, lagu favourite tu... ::
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