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Saturday, September 03, 2005
What I was like
I'm not sure what Ariesha meant by tag but I think I just know what to do. Since it's Saturday and I'm working the very the boring, maybe I can spend some time to write about this...

20 years ago : 1985 (I was 7)
Stardard 1 but cannot remember what kind of flowers or something that named my class, hehe. My first school was Sekolah Rendah Sri Kinta, Ipoh, Perak. My father was transfered to Pertubuhan Peladang Perak. We lived at Taman Razaki, Ipoh. The school is far in the town so I had to get a bus to go to school. Woke at 5.30 am every morning which I never do nowadays just to fetch the bus at about 6.30 am. I still can remember the famous song that time was Suara Kekasih by Alleycats. Why? Because the bus driver was an Indian and he tuned to that number everyday during the long journey to school. At this school also I had my first crime record. I was playing with my friend, throwing stones to each other pretending like bombs.... hahaha, you know how great a child can imagine! Accidentally, I repeat accidentally, I thrown a stone and it hit right on my friend's head and it was bleeding like hell. I was like saying, "Kenapa kau tak elak?" like what Pendekar Mustar said to Aziz Satar in Pendekar Bujang Lapok. And on that same that I got my first public canning on my palm. The next day I saw my friend's head had a patch of yellow gauze with some stitches. By Standard 2 I was transfered to Sekolah Sungai Rokam. Not that I was dismissed from that school but because it was nearer to my house and I can go to school by bicycle. In that new school I met my first monkey love with a Minang girl named Saleha... Aduh Saleha! She had very long hair down to her waist and sepet eyes, chinese look la konon. I still can remember how we declared.... She asked, "Hang syok kat aku tak?". And I replied, "Syok!!!". Then she declared, "Aku pun syok kat hang!". And there goes the monkeys.............

10 years ago : 1995 (I was 17)
Final year as a budak koleq in the Malay College Kuala Kangsar. 5 crucial years being a budak koleq taught me everything about life and brotherhood. I also had my second rotan here but not public, on my palm too. This time around I was accused for beating juniors but not as what they did nowadays. Those boys still live today and maybe have better life than me. In this school I don't have any monkey love because it's all BOYS. We did ushar some of the girls from nearby Sekolah Raja Perempuan Kalsom and not forgeting our friends from Tunku Khursiah College. I knew a girl from TKC, introduced by my aunty who is at the same age as me. We did keep a close contact but she took me as a best friend only. This coming Sept 10 is her 27th birthday. To know more about my MCKK life, please visit Prystine Percheron website. And these are the monkeys........

5 years ago : 2000 (I was 22)
Final year of my campus life in UTP. We were the first graduates from this university. When I admitted to UTP in 1996, there was only 5 buildings. 2 blocks (Semarang & Baram) for guys hostels, 1 block (Duyong) for ladies hostel, a canteen and admin block. There were nothing in our twin sharing room except a bed, matress and a plastic chair... until about 2 weeks time when they furnished the rooms properly. Classes were shared with USM students. Here I learnt inline skating, silat cekak, setup Kembara club (which was the hottest club those days), programming software, gamelan and suchs. The greatest personal achievement for me was winning the Invention & Design Competition with my software called PCBuddy. Thanx to Ariesha, Kak Ude, Cik Lin and other Trons who supported me during the exhibition. My final year project, SISCO, a computerised home alarm system also won the 1st prize for EE faculty. We graduated in 2001, although with small numbers of graduates but it was grand enough being the Inaugural Convocation of UTP. Monkey love? And a monkey broke my heart......

3 years ago : 2002 (I was 24)
Working in Gas District Cooling (Putrajaya) Sdn. Bhd. as a Shift Supervisor. GDC is the only plant in KL or Selangor and for Putrajaya we supply chilled water to government buildings, in which Uncle Leman termed as air-cond. I am not an air-cond engineer as some might think of so don't call me to repair clogged air-cond compressor at your house. I learned everything in this plant as what I do now doesn't mirror what I learned in UTP. It's more into thermodynamics, physics, mechanical and chemistry whereas my degree is Electrical/Electronics Eng (Computer System). What to do, I have to payback my loan with Petronas by having 7 years contract. 3 more years to go. Here I met my lovely wife, an Instrument Technician. We got married in 2003. Not a monkey love anymore, this time it has become a gorilla........

Last year : 2004 (I was 26)
Hmm... what happen last year huh? Time flies by so fast when you are getting older. Not a very interesting year, still working as a Shift Supervisor and adapted to answer, "Alaa, sori la, aku kene keje la weekend ni." when somebody asked me to play golf, futsal or attend a wedding during weekends. Working in shift makes you lost some of your social life. But a gorilla got to do what a gorilla got to do.....

This year : 2005 (I am 27)
Still working as Shift Supervisor in GDC Putrajaya. Blessed with a daughter, my lovely cutie pie Wan Nurfarra Irdina. She's 6 1/2 months now, can't live in a day without her. Formed Intelicom Resources to market my very own software, KRIMS. KRIMS was inspired when I went to a clinic and got pissed off when it took about 1/2 hour just to look for my medical record card and finally asked me to open a new one. I wrote the programme, discussed with my friends over a teh tarik session, formed the company and promote KRIMS. It made its debut last month in Klinik Puteri Anwar, Klang. Still a long way to go. Now who's your daddy gorilla..........?

Next year : 2006 (I will be 28)
I may not be working in GDC anymore because by May 2006, GDC will be fully outsourced. Sad to accept the fact but it feels like we are being colonized. As for KRIMS, I want to make sure by end of next year it is well known in Selangor and Klang Valley. Intelicom will expand its products in wider range which includes affiliation with other companies as well. That is what I plan..... gorilla in the mist......

10 years from now : 2015 (I will be 37, Insya Allah)
I still want to work but in the comfy office at home alongside my wife and children. By this time my contract with Petronas is over and I can concentrate on my own company, doing what I like best. Hope that Intelicom will grow well along the years to come. Gorilla will become King Kong.......

So, now Nad and Effa, it's your turn to be tagged.
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