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Wednesday, September 28, 2005
Changsha :: 27 & 28 Sept 05

27 Sept 05 - Aku sampai ERL Putrajaya ngam2 5 minutes before train depart to KLIA. Sampai airport, check in then terus melantak kat Golden Lounge. Flight depart at 9.35 am sharp & we were the last to board in. Business class seating tak penuh so everybody took the opportunity to sit beside the window. As usual meal in business class is superb.

We arrived at Baiyun Airport, Guangzhou at 1.30pm. It's the new airport, not the one when I came last time. Then we checked in for a domestic China Southern airline to Changsha. As expected, the flight which is supposed to be at 1640 hrs was delayed. Arrived in Changsha at about 7 pm. A rep from the host company picked and took us for dinner at a Muslim restaurant. After that we went straight to Dolton Hotel. Immediately after check-in, I plugged in the network cable to look for internet connection.... and voila! Unfortunately I can't open my blog from here for whatever reason that I don't know. Not only mine but all blogspots, still can't figure out why.

28 Sept 05 - 1st meeting with Broad China, the company which we bought the chiller from. It was a long day for all of us, you know why..... because they cannot speak English. When they said something, the translator will do his job to translate to English and vice versa. I only know few words: xie-xie (thank you), may guan shee (nevermind), dsai jian (goodbye), ni hao (how are you), wo bu che tau (I don't know), wo bu ming bai (I don't understand), qi na li (where from), cai na li (go where), ni shao shen ma (what are u laughing at), piao liang (beautiful), dui bu chi (I'm sorry), mo mantai (no problem), dui bu dui (right or not) and ni fang pi hen cau (your fart smell like shit).

Tonight we have dinner at a western restaurant. I ordered nasi goreng Indonesia (with salted fish, garlic & egg), that's what actually written in the menu. Tomorrow is gonna be another long day. We expect that this meeting cannot end by Friday & we might not get back by Saturday, we need to stay longer here. Hopefully can go back before Ramadhan starts. I only bring 10 packets of Maggi..... think can survive.

Bluedynno :: our Chinese driver here is called Mouse & the PRO is Pinky
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